Correct Installation Of Juice Production Line Equipment

In the practice of modern industrial production, we must constantly pay attention to practical applications. In order to ensure the basic characteristics of more scientific and rational use, we must also combine practical application levels in the practice of constantly pursuing a higher level of mechanized development and progress. Ensure a good mechanical and practical basis. The machinery of the juice production line is the basic premise for the development of Juice Processing Plant. Good machinery must be combined to achieve higher results. In particular, a reasonable installation of each machine can lay the foundation for use.
The actual classification criteria for juice machines are more detailed and the types of machinery used in each part of the production vary widely. Easy to use in practice. More importantly, it is reasonable to use it in conjunction with actual use. The performance of the machine itself should be matched, the practicality of the machine itself should be matched, and the main installation should be reasonable, so that the production can achieve more convenient and efficient purposes, and finally it is suitable for the best guarantee of practical application, and is also very suitable for practical needs.
Improve the production efficiency of the juice production line and lay the foundation for the mechanical installation of the juice production line. Many professional juice machine manufacturers now have obvious professional features. Production companies provide installation and ancillary services, bringing maximum convenience to realistic and rational applications. A good foundation for a reasonable application of reality, a professional installation level, and a reasonable application of mechanical performance are important prerequisites. Therefore, in this case, the support service guarantees the machine, which is more secure.
The specialized production of Juice Production Line machinery also has its own supporting foundation. In the actual application process, the close cooperation between machines is a very important reason to ensure the continuity of production, and it is also an important basis for use. In the production and application of the enterprise, it can achieve higher scientific strength standards, and its comprehensive use must ensure that the installation has a good foundation to better meet the needs of the real world. 


Uht Milk Machine Makes Milk More Assured

What is the difference between the pasteurized milk processed by the Milk Production Line and the normal temperature milk? Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces you:

The pasteurized milk processed by the milk production line is sterilized by low temperature, kills harmful microorganisms in the milk, retains the nutrients in the milk, and has high nutritional value. Normal temperature milk is sterilized by high temperature, harmful and beneficial microorganisms are killed, and there is no nutrition.

The pasteurized milk processed by the milk production line is generally sterilized at 85 degrees for 15 seconds, and the normal temperature milk is 135 degrees sterilized for 2-4 seconds, and the microorganisms are completely killed.

When the pasteurized milk is 2-4 degrees, it can be stored for 2 days. The normal temperature milk can be stored for 4-6 months at room temperature, or even longer.

In summary, the pasteurized milk processed by the milk production line has high nutritional value. If you want to drink, you should drink pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk is a healthier drink.

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Sales Of Mini Dairy Plant Pasteurized Milk

Many people have the habit of drinking milk, but do you really drink milk? The dairy products on the market can be roughly divided into two categories, normal temperature milk and low temperature milk. Due to the uneven distribution of milk sources in China, it causes normal temperature milk. The rise of normal temperature milk is popular among consumers because of its long shelf life. However, at the same time, the normal temperature milk has a certain long-term shelf life, and there is a certain loss in the nutritional level. Today, the Pap’s milk station came out. As an emerging product, Pap’s milk quickly took root in China. The Mini Dairy Plant also discovered this situation and quickly started the production and sales of Pap milk. Occupy the market, at present, the domestic Pap milk consumption group is still dominated by young people, young people can accept some new products in the consumption concept, and how to guide consumption is the dairy industry practitioners need to consider the ball, but processing Pap Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a must-have option for fresh milk equipment.

The most commonly used pasteurization method is high temperature short time sterilization (HTST), which heats raw milk to 70 ° C ~ 72 ° C, after 12 to 15 seconds, pasteurization process can be divided into the following Programs:

The newly delivered raw milk is heated by the waste heat of freshly treated fresh milk, which can be heated to about 57 °C.

The milk is heated to 72 ° C through a hot water tube for a specified period of time.

At 72 ° C, the holding time does not exceed 15 seconds, the actual production process is to send raw milk into the pipeline, control the flow of milk, to ensure that the milk’s heating temperature reaches 72 ° C and accurate duration. The milk is then transferred to the other end of the first stage system where the freshly fed raw milk is preheated while it is itself cooled. The hot milk is cooled to about 57 ° C in the heat exchanger.

After cooling, the milk was cooled to 24 ° C with cold water. Depending on the water supply conditions and seasons of cold water, it may be slightly higher or lower.

In the final stage, the milk is cooled to 3 °C. The temperature of the milk after filling is kept at 4 °C ~ 6 °C, and the milk processing machine can be shipped from the dairy. All pasteurization uses tuberculosis as a control indicator for microorganisms.

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The Quality Of The Production Line Of Juice Processing Plant

The high-end beverage filling machine production line has analyzed the development direction of the market in recent years. Overall, the filling industry has developed rapidly, and the quality of the Juice Processing Plant production line has improved. Through continuous learning to improve the accumulation of senior technology and experience, its application range is growing, and its efforts have seen results. The high-end beverage filling machine production line consists of precision pneumatic components to form an automatic filling system. The structure is simple, the movement is quick and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient. It is suitable for various liquids, viscous fluids and paste filling. It is also used in flammable and explosive environment. Work is the most ideal filling equipment in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and other industries. High-end beverage filling machines also have their own characteristics, such as full horizontal design, automatic pumping, intelligent automatic operation, and it is very convenient to use. The high-end beverage filling machine has strict requirements on product quality, and each production process is strictly controlled, achieving a pass rate of 99%.

High-end beverage filling machines develop high-efficiency equipment. The rapid development of China’s high-end beverage filling machine processing industry requires the support of modern beverage machinery and needs to improve the beverage technology and equipment of the predecessors. The urgently needed development of high-efficiency high-end beverage filling machines refers to stand-alone equipment and entire production line equipment, which can achieve high speed, high precision, high reliability, high chaos and high efficiency. In addition to the main equipment, the high-end beverage filling machine also has a control system, a metering system, and a detection system to achieve automatic control, automatic metering, automatic detection, and automatic troubleshooting. Only in this way can we improve the efficiency of the entire production line, in order to reduce the cost of beverage production and ensure the quality of beverage products.

The beverage production line produced by the high-end beverage filling machine has made great progress in scale, manufacturing technology, quality and function, which is in line with China’s mechanical manufacturing scale. With the development of the economy, science and technology have been widely applied to the packaging industry, and both packaging technology and product quality have made significant progress. Especially in the high-end beverage filling machine industry, the advantage of the beverage production line has made it one of the most popular equipment on the market. In just a few years of struggle, the high-end beverage filling machine has a place in the market and started. The march to the international community also broke the situation of relying only on the introduction of foreign filling technology.

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Mini Dairy Plant To Improve Product Quality

Regarding the performance configuration of the Milk Production Line, we can make appropriate recommendations and suggestions according to the customer’s production process, and give customers detailed explanations in terms of cost performance and product quality. As for the final solution of equipment configuration, the customer selects according to their own conditions and requirements. Match it.

So, what aspects do customers need to start in the selection of milk production line equipment?

1. At present, it is more praised for low temperature pasteurization, nutrition and health, without any additives. Food safety should focus on product quality, and it is good to drink nutritious and healthy.

2, the milk production line filling method should be from a convenient and beautiful point of view, push the cup filling machine, one-time, upper grade, the cost of investment is lower than the bottle;

3, cleaning should use efficient and convenient way, cleaning and high efficiency is the guarantee of producing high-quality products, each batch of products must be cleaned in time after completion of production;

4. The products produced by the milk production line must be qualified after testing, and the flora should be within a reasonable range. Such milk is safe, and we have the agency test report;

In view of the above aspects, Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. hopes to help consider the selection of equipment for the Mini Dairy Plant. It is recommended that you use the special equipment of professional manufacturers as much as possible. The initial investment and cost may be larger, but relative to In terms of improving the texture of the milk production line, this cost is definitely worthwhile.


The Whole Process Of Milk Production Line Processing

Normal temperature milk provides us with the nutrients we need every day. Let us pay attention to the whole process of milk being transported from the dairy farm to the Milk Production Line into finished milk.

A drop of milk, from „born” to the factory, from filtration, purification, homogenization, sterilization, processing, filling, each step is a strict pursuit of health. The milk production workshop is a fully enclosed automated production line. Production equipment and robots are the protagonists, and there are very few workers on the fully automated production line. From the original milk into the factory to the product storage, all the central control system set the program, the operator can complete it with a click of the mouse in the central control room, which is also called „the production line of invisible milk”, the least The contact of the person also ensures greater safety of the milk. According to the factory commentator, the milk produced here is subject to more than 300 tests in the laboratory, and can only be shipped after passing the test. On the basis of fully enclosed production, there are 7 filters to ensure the cleanliness and purity of the milk. At every stage of production, the milk has to be purified by the filter. The smallest filter mesh is only 73 microns in diameter, which is 0.073 mm, which is not visible to our naked eyes. It can be seen that even extremely small impurities will not enter the milk to ensure the safety of milk. The children are most interested in the robots on the packaging line. A bag and a box of milk are picked up by the robot and put into the box, never tired.

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Jimei Milk Production Line Equipment Welcome To Buy

Indirect heating is most common in domestically produced UHT machines. UHT Milk Machine, which we usually call transient ultra-high temperature sterilizer, is widely used in fluid foods such as dairy products, liquid medicine, beverages, soy milk, alcohol, condiments, alcohol, ice cream, juice and soy sauce. With unparalleled superiority of other equipment, it is favored by manufacturers in the food industry.
Ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer, in order to ensure the performance and life of the instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilizer, to ensure safe production, the following issues should be noted in use.
1. Regularly check the steam trap and filter to prevent the discharge of steam condensate from being blocked.
2. Always check if the safety valve, pressure gauge and thermometer are malfunctioning.
3. If it is found that the leakage of the shaft seal of the feed pump is serious, it should be repaired in time, or the end seal ring should be replaced.
4. If it is used together with the homogenizer, it can be matched with 3WR-1.5 high-pressure pump and maintained according to the product manual.
5. If there is a possibility of freezing during the winter stoppage, drain the water in the pipeline or fill the pipe with 1% lye.
6, material joints and cocks should always check whether the sealing performance is good, to prevent leakage and air mixing. If there is air in the material, it will accelerate the fouling of the material on the pipe wall.
7. When the equipment is not in use, the steam discharge valve should be opened for future use.
8. The motor bearing of the feed centrifugal pump should be cleaned once a year, and the oil should be changed. The amount should not be too much, as long as it is half filled with the bearing shell.
9. The feed pump is not allowed to idling without liquid.
10. In case of sudden power failure during the sterilization process, the steam should be quickly shut down, the steam exhaust valve is opened to exhaust the steam in the high temperature tank, and the water inlet shutoff valve is opened.
11. If there is a stoppage or the air pressure does not meet the process requirements during the sterilization process, the valve should be adjusted to circulate or temporarily stop the material.
12. Prevent debris and the like from entering the clogging sterilizer, and the entry of air will accelerate the fouling of the coil.
13. When the equipment is temporarily not in use, the angle shut-off valve and steam drain valve should be opened for the next use.
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Jimei Juice Production Line Adopts Advanced Technology

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of equipment needed for dairy and juice manufacturing, and produces various fresh milk sterilization machines, yogurt production lines, milk production lines, dairy production lines, Juice Production Line, sandwich pots, high temperature sterilization pots, etc. The technology, with technicians and technicians, makes our company a leader in the food machinery industry.

Fresh milk sterilization adopts two methods: low temperature sterilization and high temperature sterilization. Pasteurized milk adopts low temperature cold sterilization method to ensure that the nutrients in milk are not damaged, but the shelf life is relatively short. The shelf life is only 3 hours at room temperature and 4 degrees cryopreservation. It can reach about 7 days, the other is high temperature sterilization. He uses high temperature instantaneous sterilization, the sterilization temperature is above 120 degrees, the sterilization time is only a few seconds, the shelf life can reach 2-3 months, and the shelf life is long while the milk is in the nutrition. The substance is also damaged.

The temperature and duration of pasteurization are important factors related to milk quality and shelf life and must be accurate. There are many forms of heat sterilization. Generally, the temperature of short-time pasteurization of milk is usually 75 ° C for 15 seconds to 20 seconds; or 80 ° C to 85 ° C for 10 seconds to 15 seconds. If the pasteurization is too strong, the milk will be cooked and burnt, and the cream will also agglomerate or polymerize.

Homogenization destroys the fat globule membrane and exposes fat. After re-mixing with unheated skim milk (containing active lipase), it is easily oxidized due to the lack of a protective film that prevents lipase attack. Therefore, the mixture must be immediately pasteurized. Sterilization.

The disinfection of fresh milk must be strictly controlled by temperature and time. Otherwise, it will not achieve the purpose of disinfection, but also destroy the nutrients of milk. Long-term high-temperature boiling will change the protein in the milk from the sol state to the gel state, resulting in a large amount of protein condensation and precipitation.

The UHT Milk Machine produced by our company can be customized according to the customer’s process and production demand, to improve the cost performance and meet the production needs of our customers.


Jimei Is The Trusted Choice Of Mini Dairy Plant

The Tetra carton Milk Production Line equipment plays an important role in the whole aseptic packaging line. Below we will introduce to the dairy company how to ensure the equipment of the Tetra Tray fresh milk filling production line in the production process. Bacterial.

There are many factors involved in the sterility of the equipment in the Tetra carton fresh milk filling production line, such as: material piping, aseptic filling machine, sterile room, sterile air, etc.

Material pipeline

The material pipe plays an important role in the fresh milk production line equipment. It is the second chain in the aseptic production chain. Its function is to transport the UHT-treated sterile milk to the filling machine. Therefore, the material pipeline should minimize the number of joints, valves, and elbows, avoid sharp turns, and try to take a straight line. For example, in order to prevent the pipeline from changing, the material pipeline is connected to the U-shape. As a result, the two machines in the previous machine are qualified for aseptic testing, while the third machine is not qualified for sterilization. This is because the U-shaped connection method is adopted. It is easy to form a dead angle, which is not conducive to cleaning. The problem that the sterility is not up to standard after the pipeline is re-modified is solved.

Enterprises should also regularly check the quick connectors and do the daily maintenance work. For example, when replacing the gasket in the quick connector regularly, the gasket should be soaked in alcohol beforehand. At the same time, the principle of uniform size, same pipe diameter and installation in place should be followed during installation.

2. Aseptic filling room

After the sterile chamber of the aseptic filling machine is sterilized, the positive pressure environment keeps the sterile room sterile, and the sterile room door should not be opened to ensure the cleanliness of the sterile room. Users should regularly wipe the sterile room with alcohol. If there is milk scale in the corner of the sterile room, it should be removed in time to prevent contamination. At the same time, the film roll should also be wiped with alcohol to ensure its sterility. In addition, after the cleaning is completed, the door should be opened to keep the sterile room in a dry environment.

3. Sterile air

The role of sterile air is to provide a sterile environment for the filling chamber while drying the packaging film. Its cleanliness directly affects the shelf life of the product. Therefore, the user should filter the moisture, dust and bacteria in the air directly by using a filter with a filtration precision of not less than 0.01 μm, so that the air can be commercially sterilized to ensure product quality.

Users should strengthen the maintenance of the filter, keep the environment in the workshop clean and dry the filter, and avoid the damp of the filter due to other liquids such as water. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly perform gas deposition test to detect the filtration effect of the filter and find out the problem in time.

Packaging material

The production status and transportation and storage of the packaging materials of the mini dairy factory have a great influence on the sterility of the products. Therefore, users should pay attention to the following points:

(1) The selected packaging materials should pass a number of tests to ensure the reliability of the packaging materials;

(2) The storage environment of the packaging material should be kept dry and ventilated;

(3) The surface of the packaging material should not be stained with dirt;

(4) Package materials that are exposed to the air for a long time or that are damp during storage cannot be directly used for production, and must be tested to ensure that they are reliable before they can be used.

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Jimei Specializes In The Production Of Mini Dairy Plant Equipment

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of food equipment, specializing in the production of various Mini Dairy Plant production lines, dairy processing equipment, fresh milk processing equipment, yogurt production line, fresh milk sterilization machine, etc. The equipment has high degree of automation and wide adaptability. It is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, manufacturing and sales. It has a complete network system and service system, which makes the equipment sold all over the country.

The dairy production line has a high degree of automation. After continuous production, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, refrigeration, filling, capping, coding and other processing steps do not require manual intervention, reducing the amount of labor used, and the milk processing line reduces labor. strength. Moreover, the processed product has high homogeneity, good quality, rapid sterilization and refrigeration, and is beneficial to long-term storage of the product.
The small dairy processing equipment is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, with water as the medium, divided into two parts: the sterilization tank and the cooling tank. The sterilization temperature and speed can be set according to the material processing technology requirements. It has stable operation, stepless frequency conversion and speed regulation, low noise, high strength of stainless steel mesh belt, easy to deform and easy to maintain. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation and low failure rate, and the heating method adopts boiler steam or boiler hot water, and is particularly suitable for continuous sterilization operation. Completely solved the „consistency” caused by the degree of automation in the sterilization process to strengthen the „consistency”.

Our company customizes small Milk Production Line processing equipment of different specifications and models according to the production needs of customers, with wide adaptability and high degree of equipment automation.