Jimei Milk Processing Plant Equipment Supply

The Fruit Juice Production Line of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has great flexibility and can be widely applied to the production and processing of various products. It plays an important role in the food, medicine and daily chemical industries. The advantages and disadvantages of fruit juice beverage production lines are often related to product quality, production efficiency and enterprise efficiency, and are receiving widespread attention from more and more production and processing enterprises.
Fruit juice beverage production line urgently needs scientific research support: Although the number of employees in the beverage equipment manufacturing industry and the total number of enterprises are large, the scientific research strength of the industry is weak, and the corresponding majors of research institutes and universities in the industry are relatively few. Some cutting-edge technologies in the industry, such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum, etc., are incapable of being completed by only one institution, and enterprises are urgently required to invest funds. The research and development model that combines production, learning and research in the past has not been successful in the industry, and limited research strength has not fully played its role. The beverage production line strongly supports scientific research.
Beverage manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for production efficiency, so that enterprises can lower the production cost and meet the delivery time. The requirements of high-speed packaging machines are related to the previous processes, so that the production efficiency can be greatly improved and the production can be reduced. Enterprise production costs. Adaptable to product changes, beverage equipment must have good flexibility and flexibility, the production line can be changed within a certain size, because the product declaration period is much shorter than the equipment life, and the product or package is not replaced. Expensive beverage equipment.
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