Jimei Uht Milk Machine Is Suitable For Most Enterprises

The UHT Milk Machine of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is designed for continuous sterilization of milk, juice drinks or similar products. Equipped with aseptic filling equipment for production of 3 to 6 months retention period. With its own CIP system, automatic in-situ cleaning is always possible. It does not have to rely on the start of the CIP system of the workshop. All the control components are imported international famous brand products, and the control accuracy and quality are guaranteed. The tube sterilization machine has a wide sterilization temperature, precise sterilization temperature and wide application range. Applicable to a variety of fruit juice drinks, especially high-fiber, rich fruit-type drinks, such as pineapple, carrot, peach, pear, apple, jujube, grass plum, orange and so on. It is also suitable for low-acid or neutral beverages, such as peanut milk, lactic acid bacteria milk, tea beverages, etc., and has a more bactericidal effect on sauces and muds with high viscosity and poor fluidity.
The product includes three parts: regeneration, heating and cooling, and the sheet and tube sterilization can be combined in various forms with two separate heating and cooling sections for on-line homogenization. The temperature of the product can reach 150 °C. All parts of the equipment that come into contact with the product are made of 316 stainless steel, the sheet gaskets and seals are made of food grade fluoro rubber, and the product piping is connected with DIN sanitary fittings. On the display output, the machine is equipped with touch screen and PLC program control, which dynamically reflects various parameters such as temperature and flow of the product, and can select pressure gauge or digital sensor according to user requirements.
The uht milk machine designed by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can use most milk processing plants to produce Milk Production Line. Choose our equipment to ensure you can be completely assured.