Jimei Specializes In Designing Milk Production Line Sterilization Equipment

With the development of technology, the application of sterilization machine in society is more and more extensive. There are sterilized vegetables, sterilized fresh milk, sterilized juice, although the same is a sterilizer, but the function is very different, the sterilizer kills the microorganisms on the products, packaging container packaging materials, packaging aids and packaging parts. , so that it is reduced to the machine within the allowable range. Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the sterilization equipment designed for Milk Production Line, which is more suitable for the production of dairy products. The specific performance characteristics are as follows:

1. Control mode: adopt microcomputer intelligent automatic control to control sterilization pressure, temperature and time.

2, over-temperature automatic protection: exceed the set temperature, automatically cut off the heating power;

3. Door safety interlocking device: the inner cavity is under pressure, the door cover cannot be opened, and the patent device;

4, low water level alarm: when the water is short, the power can be automatically cut off, sound and light alarm, imported water detection device;

5. Leakage protection: configure leakage protection device;

6, the temperature dynamic digital display, the end of the sterilization end signal;

7. Automatic control of heating, sterilization, steaming and drying processes without manual supervision;

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