It Is Important To Choose A Qualified Milk Production Line

Nowadays, there are so many practitioners in the dairy processing industry. It is very necessary to choose a qualified Milk Production Line, but many of them are just starting to do this industry, and China’s dairy production is still in its infancy, so the market potential is still huge. Today Meet everyone about the milk production line:

One: the composition of the milk production line

The milk production line is a whole, mainly produced by the processing and cooperation of various components, mainly by pipeline fittings, fluid conveying mechanical components, as well as homogenizing machines, centrifugal net milk machines, raw milk storage tanks and finished milk storage tanks. There are filters, heat sterilization equipment, vacuum concentration equipment, aseptic packaging equipment, and various tanks, which cooperate with each other, and carry out specific matching work according to the process to complete the production of dairy products.

Two: the model of the milk production line

The milk production line is customized according to customer requirements, so there are many models. It can be said that among the hundreds of production lines that the company has done, each model is almost the same, the process is the same, and the model is from a small 100 liter per hour. Basically, it is used by laboratory and other institutions for experiment or unit canteen. This is a laboratory milk production line, and there are 300 liters per hour, 500 liters, and 1 ton are small and medium-sized dairy factories. The one that is used is a large 1-20 ton that is used by a large dairy factory or a powerful pasture.

Three: The choice of milk production line:

1, look at the material, whether it is food-grade stainless steel

2, look at the work, whether it is experienced argon arc welding master welding (new workers are completely different from the products made by the veterans)

3, look at the manufacturers, choose experienced manufacturers, qualified, qualified, professional manufacturers of dairy machinery

Today, I have learned about some of the conditions of the dairy production line. Specifically, I need to look at it, ask more questions, learn more, and do food processing industry. I am not afraid of carefulness, and the details determine success or failure. Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a good partner of Mini Dairy Plant. We design and supply a series of dairy equipment. We welcome investors who are interested to choose us.