Milk Processing Plant Production Check

Dairy production directly determines the quality of the product. Therefore, in the production process of our Milk Processing Plant, there are many links that need attention. Xiaobian today learns from you and strictly controls the three major customs to make dairy processing more sanitary:

1. Strictly control the inspection of incoming materials in raw materials

Raw materials are the key to success, as well as auxiliary materials. The raw materials in the normal production process must undergo double testing. After the products are qualified, they can enter the factory and meet the strict standards for incoming inspection.

Second, quality control points are strictly controlled

In the process of production of dairy production line, the quality control is strictly controlled. The raw milk is separated from the finished milk, and it is completely sealed in the process of sterilization. It satisfies the storage conditions of raw milk and finished milk, and carries out professional system training for operators to master the pasteurized milk. Know how.

Third, the product factory inspection

The factory inspection of products must meet the national standards, all kinds of nutrition are within the standard range, and do not contain heavy metals, and there must be qualified inspection and testing equipment to achieve self-test of the products.

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