The Best Equipment Choice For Mini Dairy Plant – Shanghai Jimei

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. Milk Production Line program features: 1, optimize the process, reduce hardware costs, improve performance. 2. High degree of automation, less random factors, and improved work efficiency. 3. The number of personnel is reduced and the distribution of labor intensity is reasonable. 4, the layout is simple and beautiful, the logistics channel is smooth, and the floor space is small. The choice of equipment is selected according to the size of the scale and the sterilization process. The conventional process is a process of first milking for low temperature storage, filtering preheating, homogenizing sterilization and cooling, and finally filling all the processes. Connected by pipe and milk pump. The entire production line goes down to meet the requirements of the aseptic workshop. The filled pasteurized milk is sealed and transported to a cold storage for storage.
Milk processing workflow:
1. The preheating tank heats the milk at a temperature of about 60 degrees.
2. The milk enters the double filter through the pipeline to filter the impurities in the milk.
3. The milk enters the homogenizer through the pipeline and the milk pump for homogenization (the pasteurized milk does not need to be homogenized, the liquid yogurt machine and the solid yogurt need to be homogenized, the main advantage of homogenization is that the color of the yogurt is relatively white, do Good yoghurt milk will be collected well. The homogenization is to break up the fat ball in the milk. After homogenization, the pasteurized milk will appear thinner. If homogenization is not required, the device will be designed separately and the valve will enter the sterilization process. Going homogeneous).
4. After the homogenization is completed, enter the milk sterilization machine through the pipeline and the milk pump for sterilization. The temperature and time of the sterilization tank can be adjusted by itself (the general sterilization temperature is about 85 degrees and the time is 30 minutes).
5. After the sterilization is completed, the compressor is used to cool the milk. The temperature for the pasteurization of the pasteurized milk can be automatically adjusted. The fermentation temperature of the yogurt is about 42 degrees. The liquid yogurt can be made with the fermenter. The solid yogurt is made with the yogurt machine. Yogurt machines generally use yogurt paper cups, and the fermentation time of yogurt is 8 hours.
6. If the customer still wants to make a liquid yogurt machine, the pre-cooling tank can be used as a temperature controller to carry out the fermentation of the liquid yogurt. After the whole process of the equipment is completed, the preheating tank of the equipment can be used as a hot water pipe, the whole production line. Add a set of pipes and pumps for cleaning equipment.
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