Jimei Specializes In The Production Of Mini Dairy Plant Equipment

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of food equipment, specializing in the production of various Mini Dairy Plant production lines, dairy processing equipment, fresh milk processing equipment, yogurt production line, fresh milk sterilization machine, etc. The equipment has high degree of automation and wide adaptability. It is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, manufacturing and sales. It has a complete network system and service system, which makes the equipment sold all over the country.

The dairy production line has a high degree of automation. After continuous production, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, refrigeration, filling, capping, coding and other processing steps do not require manual intervention, reducing the amount of labor used, and the milk processing line reduces labor. strength. Moreover, the processed product has high homogeneity, good quality, rapid sterilization and refrigeration, and is beneficial to long-term storage of the product.
The small dairy processing equipment is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, with water as the medium, divided into two parts: the sterilization tank and the cooling tank. The sterilization temperature and speed can be set according to the material processing technology requirements. It has stable operation, stepless frequency conversion and speed regulation, low noise, high strength of stainless steel mesh belt, easy to deform and easy to maintain. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation and low failure rate, and the heating method adopts boiler steam or boiler hot water, and is particularly suitable for continuous sterilization operation. Completely solved the „consistency” caused by the degree of automation in the sterilization process to strengthen the „consistency”.

Our company customizes small Milk Production Line processing equipment of different specifications and models according to the production needs of customers, with wide adaptability and high degree of equipment automation.