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The Tetra carton Milk Production Line equipment plays an important role in the whole aseptic packaging line. Below we will introduce to the dairy company how to ensure the equipment of the Tetra Tray fresh milk filling production line in the production process. Bacterial.

There are many factors involved in the sterility of the equipment in the Tetra carton fresh milk filling production line, such as: material piping, aseptic filling machine, sterile room, sterile air, etc.

Material pipeline

The material pipe plays an important role in the fresh milk production line equipment. It is the second chain in the aseptic production chain. Its function is to transport the UHT-treated sterile milk to the filling machine. Therefore, the material pipeline should minimize the number of joints, valves, and elbows, avoid sharp turns, and try to take a straight line. For example, in order to prevent the pipeline from changing, the material pipeline is connected to the U-shape. As a result, the two machines in the previous machine are qualified for aseptic testing, while the third machine is not qualified for sterilization. This is because the U-shaped connection method is adopted. It is easy to form a dead angle, which is not conducive to cleaning. The problem that the sterility is not up to standard after the pipeline is re-modified is solved.

Enterprises should also regularly check the quick connectors and do the daily maintenance work. For example, when replacing the gasket in the quick connector regularly, the gasket should be soaked in alcohol beforehand. At the same time, the principle of uniform size, same pipe diameter and installation in place should be followed during installation.

2. Aseptic filling room

After the sterile chamber of the aseptic filling machine is sterilized, the positive pressure environment keeps the sterile room sterile, and the sterile room door should not be opened to ensure the cleanliness of the sterile room. Users should regularly wipe the sterile room with alcohol. If there is milk scale in the corner of the sterile room, it should be removed in time to prevent contamination. At the same time, the film roll should also be wiped with alcohol to ensure its sterility. In addition, after the cleaning is completed, the door should be opened to keep the sterile room in a dry environment.

3. Sterile air

The role of sterile air is to provide a sterile environment for the filling chamber while drying the packaging film. Its cleanliness directly affects the shelf life of the product. Therefore, the user should filter the moisture, dust and bacteria in the air directly by using a filter with a filtration precision of not less than 0.01 μm, so that the air can be commercially sterilized to ensure product quality.

Users should strengthen the maintenance of the filter, keep the environment in the workshop clean and dry the filter, and avoid the damp of the filter due to other liquids such as water. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly perform gas deposition test to detect the filtration effect of the filter and find out the problem in time.

Packaging material

The production status and transportation and storage of the packaging materials of the mini dairy factory have a great influence on the sterility of the products. Therefore, users should pay attention to the following points:

(1) The selected packaging materials should pass a number of tests to ensure the reliability of the packaging materials;

(2) The storage environment of the packaging material should be kept dry and ventilated;

(3) The surface of the packaging material should not be stained with dirt;

(4) Package materials that are exposed to the air for a long time or that are damp during storage cannot be directly used for production, and must be tested to ensure that they are reliable before they can be used.

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