The Whole Process Of Milk Production Line Processing

Normal temperature milk provides us with the nutrients we need every day. Let us pay attention to the whole process of milk being transported from the dairy farm to the Milk Production Line into finished milk.

A drop of milk, from „born” to the factory, from filtration, purification, homogenization, sterilization, processing, filling, each step is a strict pursuit of health. The milk production workshop is a fully enclosed automated production line. Production equipment and robots are the protagonists, and there are very few workers on the fully automated production line. From the original milk into the factory to the product storage, all the central control system set the program, the operator can complete it with a click of the mouse in the central control room, which is also called „the production line of invisible milk”, the least The contact of the person also ensures greater safety of the milk. According to the factory commentator, the milk produced here is subject to more than 300 tests in the laboratory, and can only be shipped after passing the test. On the basis of fully enclosed production, there are 7 filters to ensure the cleanliness and purity of the milk. At every stage of production, the milk has to be purified by the filter. The smallest filter mesh is only 73 microns in diameter, which is 0.073 mm, which is not visible to our naked eyes. It can be seen that even extremely small impurities will not enter the milk to ensure the safety of milk. The children are most interested in the robots on the packaging line. A bag and a box of milk are picked up by the robot and put into the box, never tired.

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