Sales Of Mini Dairy Plant Pasteurized Milk

Many people have the habit of drinking milk, but do you really drink milk? The dairy products on the market can be roughly divided into two categories, normal temperature milk and low temperature milk. Due to the uneven distribution of milk sources in China, it causes normal temperature milk. The rise of normal temperature milk is popular among consumers because of its long shelf life. However, at the same time, the normal temperature milk has a certain long-term shelf life, and there is a certain loss in the nutritional level. Today, the Pap’s milk station came out. As an emerging product, Pap’s milk quickly took root in China. The Mini Dairy Plant also discovered this situation and quickly started the production and sales of Pap milk. Occupy the market, at present, the domestic Pap milk consumption group is still dominated by young people, young people can accept some new products in the consumption concept, and how to guide consumption is the dairy industry practitioners need to consider the ball, but processing Pap Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a must-have option for fresh milk equipment.

The most commonly used pasteurization method is high temperature short time sterilization (HTST), which heats raw milk to 70 ° C ~ 72 ° C, after 12 to 15 seconds, pasteurization process can be divided into the following Programs:

The newly delivered raw milk is heated by the waste heat of freshly treated fresh milk, which can be heated to about 57 °C.

The milk is heated to 72 ° C through a hot water tube for a specified period of time.

At 72 ° C, the holding time does not exceed 15 seconds, the actual production process is to send raw milk into the pipeline, control the flow of milk, to ensure that the milk’s heating temperature reaches 72 ° C and accurate duration. The milk is then transferred to the other end of the first stage system where the freshly fed raw milk is preheated while it is itself cooled. The hot milk is cooled to about 57 ° C in the heat exchanger.

After cooling, the milk was cooled to 24 ° C with cold water. Depending on the water supply conditions and seasons of cold water, it may be slightly higher or lower.

In the final stage, the milk is cooled to 3 °C. The temperature of the milk after filling is kept at 4 °C ~ 6 °C, and the milk processing machine can be shipped from the dairy. All pasteurization uses tuberculosis as a control indicator for microorganisms.

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