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How does the Fruit Juice Production Line equipment of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. get the best? When designing R&D and manufacturing, we should pay attention to market demand, enterprise purchasing ability, product adaptability, product positioning and structure selection.

1. The product should be as humanized as possible.

2. The configuration of the machine should be too hard, because the beverage machinery runs fast, so the machine configuration must be too hard, such as motor, PLC, inverter, photoelectric switch, guide rail, etc., should use high-quality products as much as possible.

3. To fully consider the volume factor of the machine, now for most beverage machines, the inch is the inch.

4. Improve the processing technology of mechanical equipment, especially the precision of machining, to ensure the stability of mechanical components.

5. Pneumatic components are made of advanced products, so that the product can guarantee the accuracy of work within a certain period of time.

6. In the aspect of automatic control, the development of the monitoring function is strengthened to avoid the production accidents of the enterprise due to the lack of machinery, instructions, no batch number on the box surface, and damage to the box.

7. When the overload operation and safety anti-slip cover are running, stop the alarm.

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Jimei Equipment To Improve The Efficiency Of Milk Production Line

At present, China’s Milk Processing Plant filling machinery industry has entered a period of rapid development, and future low-level products will gradually be eliminated by the market. In recent years, China’s machinery industry has greatly improved its product competitiveness, industrial agglomeration and professional restructuring, and its industry competitiveness and industrial output value have been greatly enlarged. What we have to do is to improve our product technology and meet the needs of the market, and we will certainly expand our overseas market share.

As we all know, the rapid development of the economy today is inseparable from the support of filling machinery, and it is inseparable from the active participation of automatic filling machines. Of course, under the urging of economic development, automatic filling machine manufacturers have sprung up in people’s field of vision. There are many types of automatic filling machines, including edible oil filling machine, chili sauce filling machine, liquid filling. Machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, etc. In many automatic filling machines, it is not a one-off thing to stand firm. It is the result of more than ten years of accumulated experience. Shanghai Jimei automatic filling machine relies on accumulating the market.

Shanghai Jimei’s automatic filling machine is constantly developing, and high efficiency is our eternal pursuit. High efficiency is the choice that meets the needs of the market and caters to the customer’s psychology. When customers purchase our fully automatic filling machine, the very important factor to consider is the high efficiency of the equipment itself and improve the production efficiency of the Milk Production Line. When we develop a fully automatic filling machine, it is important to see the market and look at the future development direction.


Fruit Juice Production Line Automation Improvement

How can an automated process of a beverage machine be high or low, so how does its automated process affect production? How should the Fruit Juice Production Line choose the degree of automation in the selection of beverage machinery?

With the development of science and technology, mechanical automation has greatly improved. In the beverage machinery industry, mechanical automation has also been greatly developed. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the higher the automation of a beverage machine, the higher the production efficiency, and the less manual cooperation required, so the degree of automation is also one of the criteria for measuring the advanced level of a beverage machine.

Then, on how to choose this problem, for a beverage production enterprise, it can be considered from multiple angles. First, the demand depends mainly on what kind of output needs to be achieved. If the output demand is high, it is necessary to cooperate with equipment with high degree of automation; On the other hand, the main consideration is the situation of funds. Under normal circumstances, the price of a fully automatic beverage machine is much higher than that of semi-automatic, so the equipment investment budget is also an important aspect.

The equipment with high degree of automation has many advantages, high production efficiency, labor cost savings, and convenient operation and maintenance. The main requirement is to determine the specific requirements.

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has seen a trend in the development of modern food equipment. We provide Milk Processing Plant and juice producers with more suitable equipment for the market. Welcome everyone’s attention and consultation.


The Harm Of Improper Operation Of Uht Milk Machine

The UHT Milk Machine is made of high quality stainless steel and has a novel and beautiful appearance. The UHT milk machine adopts a cone piston, which has good sealing performance, accurate liquid volume and convenient liquid volume adjustment. What harm does our improper operation bring to the UHT milk machine?

UHT milk machine is chosen as the first choice for the production of equipment. The reason for this is that the equipment deployment can use the skills of the ancestors, and the unique packaging results can bring more favorable conditions for the growth of the enterprise. In terms of dealing with the UHT milk machine itself, its growth goal is also to better fund the development of the company.
UHT milk machine has become more prominent in the position of the production industry after the improvement of the initiative and intelligent skills. The result of the consumer’s use of the UHT milk machine also gave a high degree of certainty. This has an infinite power to cope with the further growth of the UHT milk machine, and it also mobilizes the growth feelings of the production company.
When we operate the UHT milk machine, we should follow the requirements. The correct operation of the UHT milk machine is the most important. Friends who need UHT milk machine can contact Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. We are the Milk Production Line equipment. Experts, choose us to give you complete peace of mind.


It Is Important To Choose A Qualified Milk Production Line

Nowadays, there are so many practitioners in the dairy processing industry. It is very necessary to choose a qualified Milk Production Line, but many of them are just starting to do this industry, and China’s dairy production is still in its infancy, so the market potential is still huge. Today Meet everyone about the milk production line:

One: the composition of the milk production line

The milk production line is a whole, mainly produced by the processing and cooperation of various components, mainly by pipeline fittings, fluid conveying mechanical components, as well as homogenizing machines, centrifugal net milk machines, raw milk storage tanks and finished milk storage tanks. There are filters, heat sterilization equipment, vacuum concentration equipment, aseptic packaging equipment, and various tanks, which cooperate with each other, and carry out specific matching work according to the process to complete the production of dairy products.

Two: the model of the milk production line

The milk production line is customized according to customer requirements, so there are many models. It can be said that among the hundreds of production lines that the company has done, each model is almost the same, the process is the same, and the model is from a small 100 liter per hour. Basically, it is used by laboratory and other institutions for experiment or unit canteen. This is a laboratory milk production line, and there are 300 liters per hour, 500 liters, and 1 ton are small and medium-sized dairy factories. The one that is used is a large 1-20 ton that is used by a large dairy factory or a powerful pasture.

Three: The choice of milk production line:

1, look at the material, whether it is food-grade stainless steel

2, look at the work, whether it is experienced argon arc welding master welding (new workers are completely different from the products made by the veterans)

3, look at the manufacturers, choose experienced manufacturers, qualified, qualified, professional manufacturers of dairy machinery

Today, I have learned about some of the conditions of the dairy production line. Specifically, I need to look at it, ask more questions, learn more, and do food processing industry. I am not afraid of carefulness, and the details determine success or failure. Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a good partner of Mini Dairy Plant. We design and supply a series of dairy equipment. We welcome investors who are interested to choose us.


Mini Dairy Plant Filling Machinery

Mini Dairy Plant filling machinery can not be less bottled filling, filling machinery is also the fastest growing of all packaging machinery in China, from its manual filling and semi-automatic filling and then to semi-automatic in its full Automatic filling. Up to now, the development of the entire filling production line, and then to the rapid development of filling machinery, have illustrated the miracle in the history of packaging, and also quickly made our packaging development more and more rapid. Filling machinery is also constantly improving in learning. Production technology can also enhance the enthusiasm of learning, and can absorb new development ideas. Various improved products have begun to be registered, such as liquid filling. It can prevent bacteria generated during the filling process. The development of the filling production line enables us to achieve one-button operation throughout the entire process, which is also beneficial for future maintenance. It enhances the design philosophy of many of its predecessors and its reliable product quality, and it also enables our filling machines to quickly open new horizons.

From the perspective of packaging materials, there are several types of filling machines, namely liquid filling machine, particle filling machine, paste filling machine and powder filling machine; it belongs to a small class of products on the packaging machine. According to the degree of automation of production, it is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling production line. With the changes in the market today, more and more Milk Production Line have begun to select fully automatic filling equipment, which improves the efficiency of operation while ensuring health and safety.


Jimei Specializes In Designing Milk Production Line Sterilization Equipment

With the development of technology, the application of sterilization machine in society is more and more extensive. There are sterilized vegetables, sterilized fresh milk, sterilized juice, although the same is a sterilizer, but the function is very different, the sterilizer kills the microorganisms on the products, packaging container packaging materials, packaging aids and packaging parts. , so that it is reduced to the machine within the allowable range. Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the sterilization equipment designed for Milk Production Line, which is more suitable for the production of dairy products. The specific performance characteristics are as follows:

1. Control mode: adopt microcomputer intelligent automatic control to control sterilization pressure, temperature and time.

2, over-temperature automatic protection: exceed the set temperature, automatically cut off the heating power;

3. Door safety interlocking device: the inner cavity is under pressure, the door cover cannot be opened, and the patent device;

4, low water level alarm: when the water is short, the power can be automatically cut off, sound and light alarm, imported water detection device;

5. Leakage protection: configure leakage protection device;

6, the temperature dynamic digital display, the end of the sterilization end signal;

7. Automatic control of heating, sterilization, steaming and drying processes without manual supervision;

Our UHT Milk Machine can effectively kill bacteria, ensure the health and safety of consumers, and is also loved and favored by many customers in the market. Welcome everyone to come and choose us.


Milk Processing Plant Should Pay Attention To Environmental Health

The Fruit Juice Production Line filling machine is advanced in technology, with multiple card bottles, bottle missing, missing cover, overload and other protection alarm devices. The performance is reliable, the process is scientific, the food hygiene conditions meet the national food hygiene standards, the production automation is high, and the operation is simple. It is the ideal hot filling equipment for all kinds of soft drink manufacturers. It is commonly used in filling carbonated beverages, soda water, salt soda and other gas beverages. It can also be filled with various juices and pure water. It is a multi-functional automatic filling machine.

CIP is an abbreviation for clean in place or in-place cleaning. It is defined as a method of washing the contact surface with food by using a high-temperature, high-concentration cleaning solution without disassembling or moving the device.

Therefore, CIP can be scrubbed, cleaned and sterilized without disassembling the mechanical device and piping. It is an optimized cleaning management technology in the cleaning process and can properly handle the relationship of washing, cleaning, sterilization and economy, and energy conservation. The CIP device is suitable for multi-pipe sterilization machinery in direct contact with fluid materials. If the juice beverage, dairy product, concentrated juice, and soybean milk are cleaned in situ (ie, CIP cleaning) is a commonly used method by beverage manufacturers, and the product quality is guaranteed. The purpose of the cleaning is to remove residues from the equipment and the wall to ensure that the hygiene indicators are met. Under normal circumstances, it must be cleaned once for 6∽8h. In special cases, when the production capacity is found to be significantly reduced, it should be cleaned immediately.

The purpose of cleaning is to remove dirt adhering to the machine to prevent microbes from growing between them. To remove the dirt, the cleaning system must be able to supply the cleaning capacity needed to overcome the pollutants. There are three sources of cleaning power, namely the kinetic energy generated from the flow of the cleaning fluid, the chemical energy generated from the detergent, and the thermal energy in the cleaning fluid. These three capabilities have complementary roles. At the same time, the factors of ability are related to the factors of time. In the same state, the longer the washing time, the better the washing effect.

In the production of beverages, hygiene requirements are an important task for beverage processing manufacturers. In order to achieve food hygiene indicators, equipment must be thoroughly cleaned for a period of time. The CIP cleaning system has become an indispensable device in the beverage production line. Manually wear gloves, glasses and other tools, the spirit should be highly concentrated, otherwise it is prone to accidents, it is also more troublesome in the configuration and detection of lye concentration, it needs to be repeatedly configured to meet the requirements. If the CIP cleaning system is used to clean the filling and capping machine, the CIP cleaning system can automatically add lye and automatically heat up, which replaces the manual operation, which not only improves production efficiency, production safety factor, but also saves labor.

In the food production industry, food safety requirements are becoming more and more stringent, and CIP cleaning systems are becoming more and more important in the beverage production lines of beverage manufacturers. Not only juice producers should pay attention to it, Milk Processing Plant can not ignore this point in production, only improve the quality of the product, can bring you rich profits.


Jimei Uht Milk Machine Is Suitable For Most Enterprises

The UHT Milk Machine of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is designed for continuous sterilization of milk, juice drinks or similar products. Equipped with aseptic filling equipment for production of 3 to 6 months retention period. With its own CIP system, automatic in-situ cleaning is always possible. It does not have to rely on the start of the CIP system of the workshop. All the control components are imported international famous brand products, and the control accuracy and quality are guaranteed. The tube sterilization machine has a wide sterilization temperature, precise sterilization temperature and wide application range. Applicable to a variety of fruit juice drinks, especially high-fiber, rich fruit-type drinks, such as pineapple, carrot, peach, pear, apple, jujube, grass plum, orange and so on. It is also suitable for low-acid or neutral beverages, such as peanut milk, lactic acid bacteria milk, tea beverages, etc., and has a more bactericidal effect on sauces and muds with high viscosity and poor fluidity.
The product includes three parts: regeneration, heating and cooling, and the sheet and tube sterilization can be combined in various forms with two separate heating and cooling sections for on-line homogenization. The temperature of the product can reach 150 °C. All parts of the equipment that come into contact with the product are made of 316 stainless steel, the sheet gaskets and seals are made of food grade fluoro rubber, and the product piping is connected with DIN sanitary fittings. On the display output, the machine is equipped with touch screen and PLC program control, which dynamically reflects various parameters such as temperature and flow of the product, and can select pressure gauge or digital sensor according to user requirements.
The uht milk machine designed by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can use most milk processing plants to produce Milk Production Line. Choose our equipment to ensure you can be completely assured.


Complete Fruit Juice Production Line Equipment

The rapid development of science and technology has made the machinery industry affirmed to a large extent in the hearts of users, but the juice beverage production line encountered many obstacles during the development of China. In order to carry out technological transformation, some beverage manufacturers in China have to spend a lot of money to introduce some technologically advanced and high-efficiency complete Fruit Juice Production Line from abroad, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share being occupied by foreign brands. The development of fruit juice beverage production lines in China is still broad, and the technical level of juice beverage production lines needs to be urgently developed.

Although the number of employees in the juice beverage production line industry and the total number of enterprises are large, the scientific research strength of the industry is weak, and the corresponding majors of research institutes and universities in the industry are relatively few. Some cutting-edge technologies in the industry, such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum, etc., cannot be completed by a single institution, and enterprises are urgently required to invest funds. The research and development model that combines production, learning and research in the past has not been successful in the industry, and the limited scientific research strength has not fully played its role. The juice beverage production line strongly needs scientific research support.

Due to the rapid advancement of science and technology, the machinery industry has developed rapidly, especially the extensive application of automation and intelligent technology, allowing human society to quickly enter the era of automation. The juice beverage production line industry has also benefited a lot. Facing the market of internal and external troubles, the manufacturers of juice beverage production lines actively introduce advanced foreign technology, carry out serious research and study on their filling machine equipment, and upgrade and renovate according to the needs of the domestic market. In particular, automation and intelligent technology are applied to the development and production of fruit juice beverage production lines, so that they can better conform to the trend of the times.

Future beverage machinery development trend

The production efficiency requirements are getting higher and higher, so that the company can lower the production cost and meet the delivery time. The high-speed packaging machine requirements are related to the previous process, so that the production efficiency can be greatly improved, and the production cost can be reduced. . Adaptable to product changes, beverage packaging machinery must have good flexibility and flexibility, the production line can be changed within a certain size, because the product declaration period is much shorter than the equipment life, and the product or packaging is not changed. Replace expensive packaging lines.

First, high speed, high quality, high precision, to large-scale development In order to adapt to the large-scale production of the beverage industry, in order to obtain the economic benefits of the better, beverage equipment is becoming more and more large-scale.

Second, the equipment is multi-functional and multi-purpose, suitable for filling and sealing of various liquids and various bottle types. It can be used for hot filling of various beverages such as tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks and juice drinks, as well as filling of glass bottles and polyester bottles.

Third, beverage machinery and electromechanical integration This is an important trend in the development of current beverage machinery and equipment. The production equipment has high technical content, high reliability, high self-control level of the whole production line and high efficiency of the whole line. The on-line detection device and the metering device are fully equipped, and can automatically detect various parameters and measure accurately. High-tech products integrating machine, electricity, gas, light and magnetism are constantly emerging. The reliability of the packaging equipment of the Juice Processing Plant and the coordination of the packaging line directly affect the work efficiency, production cost and product quality of the entire production line.