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Indirect heating is most common in domestically produced UHT machines. UHT Milk Machine, which we usually call transient ultra-high temperature sterilizer, is widely used in fluid foods such as dairy products, liquid medicine, beverages, soy milk, alcohol, condiments, alcohol, ice cream, juice and soy sauce. With unparalleled superiority of other equipment, it is favored by manufacturers in the food industry.
Ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer, in order to ensure the performance and life of the instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilizer, to ensure safe production, the following issues should be noted in use.
1. Regularly check the steam trap and filter to prevent the discharge of steam condensate from being blocked.
2. Always check if the safety valve, pressure gauge and thermometer are malfunctioning.
3. If it is found that the leakage of the shaft seal of the feed pump is serious, it should be repaired in time, or the end seal ring should be replaced.
4. If it is used together with the homogenizer, it can be matched with 3WR-1.5 high-pressure pump and maintained according to the product manual.
5. If there is a possibility of freezing during the winter stoppage, drain the water in the pipeline or fill the pipe with 1% lye.
6, material joints and cocks should always check whether the sealing performance is good, to prevent leakage and air mixing. If there is air in the material, it will accelerate the fouling of the material on the pipe wall.
7. When the equipment is not in use, the steam discharge valve should be opened for future use.
8. The motor bearing of the feed centrifugal pump should be cleaned once a year, and the oil should be changed. The amount should not be too much, as long as it is half filled with the bearing shell.
9. The feed pump is not allowed to idling without liquid.
10. In case of sudden power failure during the sterilization process, the steam should be quickly shut down, the steam exhaust valve is opened to exhaust the steam in the high temperature tank, and the water inlet shutoff valve is opened.
11. If there is a stoppage or the air pressure does not meet the process requirements during the sterilization process, the valve should be adjusted to circulate or temporarily stop the material.
12. Prevent debris and the like from entering the clogging sterilizer, and the entry of air will accelerate the fouling of the coil.
13. When the equipment is temporarily not in use, the angle shut-off valve and steam drain valve should be opened for the next use.
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Jimei Juice Production Line Adopts Advanced Technology

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of equipment needed for dairy and juice manufacturing, and produces various fresh milk sterilization machines, yogurt production lines, milk production lines, dairy production lines, Juice Production Line, sandwich pots, high temperature sterilization pots, etc. The technology, with technicians and technicians, makes our company a leader in the food machinery industry.

Fresh milk sterilization adopts two methods: low temperature sterilization and high temperature sterilization. Pasteurized milk adopts low temperature cold sterilization method to ensure that the nutrients in milk are not damaged, but the shelf life is relatively short. The shelf life is only 3 hours at room temperature and 4 degrees cryopreservation. It can reach about 7 days, the other is high temperature sterilization. He uses high temperature instantaneous sterilization, the sterilization temperature is above 120 degrees, the sterilization time is only a few seconds, the shelf life can reach 2-3 months, and the shelf life is long while the milk is in the nutrition. The substance is also damaged.

The temperature and duration of pasteurization are important factors related to milk quality and shelf life and must be accurate. There are many forms of heat sterilization. Generally, the temperature of short-time pasteurization of milk is usually 75 ° C for 15 seconds to 20 seconds; or 80 ° C to 85 ° C for 10 seconds to 15 seconds. If the pasteurization is too strong, the milk will be cooked and burnt, and the cream will also agglomerate or polymerize.

Homogenization destroys the fat globule membrane and exposes fat. After re-mixing with unheated skim milk (containing active lipase), it is easily oxidized due to the lack of a protective film that prevents lipase attack. Therefore, the mixture must be immediately pasteurized. Sterilization.

The disinfection of fresh milk must be strictly controlled by temperature and time. Otherwise, it will not achieve the purpose of disinfection, but also destroy the nutrients of milk. Long-term high-temperature boiling will change the protein in the milk from the sol state to the gel state, resulting in a large amount of protein condensation and precipitation.

The UHT Milk Machine produced by our company can be customized according to the customer’s process and production demand, to improve the cost performance and meet the production needs of our customers.


Jimei Is The Trusted Choice Of Mini Dairy Plant

The Tetra carton Milk Production Line equipment plays an important role in the whole aseptic packaging line. Below we will introduce to the dairy company how to ensure the equipment of the Tetra Tray fresh milk filling production line in the production process. Bacterial.

There are many factors involved in the sterility of the equipment in the Tetra carton fresh milk filling production line, such as: material piping, aseptic filling machine, sterile room, sterile air, etc.

Material pipeline

The material pipe plays an important role in the fresh milk production line equipment. It is the second chain in the aseptic production chain. Its function is to transport the UHT-treated sterile milk to the filling machine. Therefore, the material pipeline should minimize the number of joints, valves, and elbows, avoid sharp turns, and try to take a straight line. For example, in order to prevent the pipeline from changing, the material pipeline is connected to the U-shape. As a result, the two machines in the previous machine are qualified for aseptic testing, while the third machine is not qualified for sterilization. This is because the U-shaped connection method is adopted. It is easy to form a dead angle, which is not conducive to cleaning. The problem that the sterility is not up to standard after the pipeline is re-modified is solved.

Enterprises should also regularly check the quick connectors and do the daily maintenance work. For example, when replacing the gasket in the quick connector regularly, the gasket should be soaked in alcohol beforehand. At the same time, the principle of uniform size, same pipe diameter and installation in place should be followed during installation.

2. Aseptic filling room

After the sterile chamber of the aseptic filling machine is sterilized, the positive pressure environment keeps the sterile room sterile, and the sterile room door should not be opened to ensure the cleanliness of the sterile room. Users should regularly wipe the sterile room with alcohol. If there is milk scale in the corner of the sterile room, it should be removed in time to prevent contamination. At the same time, the film roll should also be wiped with alcohol to ensure its sterility. In addition, after the cleaning is completed, the door should be opened to keep the sterile room in a dry environment.

3. Sterile air

The role of sterile air is to provide a sterile environment for the filling chamber while drying the packaging film. Its cleanliness directly affects the shelf life of the product. Therefore, the user should filter the moisture, dust and bacteria in the air directly by using a filter with a filtration precision of not less than 0.01 μm, so that the air can be commercially sterilized to ensure product quality.

Users should strengthen the maintenance of the filter, keep the environment in the workshop clean and dry the filter, and avoid the damp of the filter due to other liquids such as water. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly perform gas deposition test to detect the filtration effect of the filter and find out the problem in time.

Packaging material

The production status and transportation and storage of the packaging materials of the mini dairy factory have a great influence on the sterility of the products. Therefore, users should pay attention to the following points:

(1) The selected packaging materials should pass a number of tests to ensure the reliability of the packaging materials;

(2) The storage environment of the packaging material should be kept dry and ventilated;

(3) The surface of the packaging material should not be stained with dirt;

(4) Package materials that are exposed to the air for a long time or that are damp during storage cannot be directly used for production, and must be tested to ensure that they are reliable before they can be used.

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Jimei Specializes In The Production Of Mini Dairy Plant Equipment

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of food equipment, specializing in the production of various Mini Dairy Plant production lines, dairy processing equipment, fresh milk processing equipment, yogurt production line, fresh milk sterilization machine, etc. The equipment has high degree of automation and wide adaptability. It is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, manufacturing and sales. It has a complete network system and service system, which makes the equipment sold all over the country.

The dairy production line has a high degree of automation. After continuous production, preheating, homogenization, sterilization, refrigeration, filling, capping, coding and other processing steps do not require manual intervention, reducing the amount of labor used, and the milk processing line reduces labor. strength. Moreover, the processed product has high homogeneity, good quality, rapid sterilization and refrigeration, and is beneficial to long-term storage of the product.
The small dairy processing equipment is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, with water as the medium, divided into two parts: the sterilization tank and the cooling tank. The sterilization temperature and speed can be set according to the material processing technology requirements. It has stable operation, stepless frequency conversion and speed regulation, low noise, high strength of stainless steel mesh belt, easy to deform and easy to maintain. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation and low failure rate, and the heating method adopts boiler steam or boiler hot water, and is particularly suitable for continuous sterilization operation. Completely solved the „consistency” caused by the degree of automation in the sterilization process to strengthen the „consistency”.

Our company customizes small Milk Production Line processing equipment of different specifications and models according to the production needs of customers, with wide adaptability and high degree of equipment automation.


The Best Equipment Choice For Mini Dairy Plant – Shanghai Jimei

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. Milk Production Line program features: 1, optimize the process, reduce hardware costs, improve performance. 2. High degree of automation, less random factors, and improved work efficiency. 3. The number of personnel is reduced and the distribution of labor intensity is reasonable. 4, the layout is simple and beautiful, the logistics channel is smooth, and the floor space is small. The choice of equipment is selected according to the size of the scale and the sterilization process. The conventional process is a process of first milking for low temperature storage, filtering preheating, homogenizing sterilization and cooling, and finally filling all the processes. Connected by pipe and milk pump. The entire production line goes down to meet the requirements of the aseptic workshop. The filled pasteurized milk is sealed and transported to a cold storage for storage.
Milk processing workflow:
1. The preheating tank heats the milk at a temperature of about 60 degrees.
2. The milk enters the double filter through the pipeline to filter the impurities in the milk.
3. The milk enters the homogenizer through the pipeline and the milk pump for homogenization (the pasteurized milk does not need to be homogenized, the liquid yogurt machine and the solid yogurt need to be homogenized, the main advantage of homogenization is that the color of the yogurt is relatively white, do Good yoghurt milk will be collected well. The homogenization is to break up the fat ball in the milk. After homogenization, the pasteurized milk will appear thinner. If homogenization is not required, the device will be designed separately and the valve will enter the sterilization process. Going homogeneous).
4. After the homogenization is completed, enter the milk sterilization machine through the pipeline and the milk pump for sterilization. The temperature and time of the sterilization tank can be adjusted by itself (the general sterilization temperature is about 85 degrees and the time is 30 minutes).
5. After the sterilization is completed, the compressor is used to cool the milk. The temperature for the pasteurization of the pasteurized milk can be automatically adjusted. The fermentation temperature of the yogurt is about 42 degrees. The liquid yogurt can be made with the fermenter. The solid yogurt is made with the yogurt machine. Yogurt machines generally use yogurt paper cups, and the fermentation time of yogurt is 8 hours.
6. If the customer still wants to make a liquid yogurt machine, the pre-cooling tank can be used as a temperature controller to carry out the fermentation of the liquid yogurt. After the whole process of the equipment is completed, the preheating tank of the equipment can be used as a hot water pipe, the whole production line. Add a set of pipes and pumps for cleaning equipment.
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Juice Production Line filling machine process

The beverage filling machine is a plastic bottle filling machine, an automatic filling and capping machine, and is a multifunctional beverage filling machine. When we all operate the beverage filling machine, we need to follow the process. So, do you know the workflow of the Juice Production Line filling machine?

The workflow of the beverage filling machine is as follows:

The boxes with empty bottles are stacked on the tray, and the conveyor belt is sent to the unloading tray machine, the trays are unloaded one by one, the boxes are sent to the unloading machine with the conveyor belt, the empty bottles are taken out of the boxes, and the empty boxes are transported. The belt is sent to a washing machine, cleaned, and transported to the side of the cartoner to hold the bottle containing the beverage.

The empty bottle taken out from the unloader is sent to the bottle washer for disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor belt. It is inspected by the bottle inspection machine and enters the filling machine and the capping machine after meeting the cleaning standards. The beverage is filled into the bottle by the filling machine. The bottle with the beverage is sealed by the capping machine and transported to the labeling machine for labeling. After the label is attached, it is sent to the packing machine and placed in the box and then sent to the stacking tray machine for stacking on the tray and sent to the warehouse.

When we operate the beverage filling machine, we can follow the above process method, hope to help everyone, you can follow the above workflow correctly. Our Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional food equipment supplier. We have accumulated many years of experience, and we are constantly optimizing the Milk Powder Making Machine to improve its efficiency.


Reduce The Loss Of Hydrolysis Activity Of Uht Milk Machine

Ultra-heat treatment (UHT Milk Machine) gelation during storage of milk is one of the main factors limiting its shelf life. A large amount of research work on gelation can be used to explain possible mechanisms and methods of controlling gelation. Although the exact mechanism is not fully understood, it is generally accepted that gels are three-dimensional protein matrices initiated by proteolysis of milk proteins. First, β-lactoglobulin and κ-casein complexes form (βκ-complex) on casein micelles. This complex is then dissociated from the casein micelles and aggregated into a three-dimensional matrix, resulting in increased viscosity and gel formation. At this point, the milk is commercially sterile when packaged and will not become sour, but the gel will form and the milk will not be unacceptable to human consumption.

What is the cause of protein hydrolysis in sterile milk? This is due to the enzymes naturally present in milk and enzymes derived from bacteria. Plasmin is a protease that is usually present in small amounts in milk together with the precursor plasminogen. These precursors are converted to plasmin in the presence of an activating agent. Bacteria, especially psychrophiles, are also grown in raw milk to produce extracellular proteases. These psychrophilic bacteria can grow in raw milk before processing. Both enzymes are very thermostable and have withstood to varying degrees of ultra-high temperature treatment and therefore remain in milk for proteolysis during storage.

Plasmin is associated with casein micelles and is also present in the fat globule membrane. It is very stable at high temperatures, and it turns out that 90% can be inactivated by heating at 288 °F for 18 seconds. Plasminogen and plasminogen activators are more thermostable than plasmin, so proteolysis of plasmin is possible during storage.

Thermostable proteases produced by discoloring bacteria such as pseudofluorescence are the main cause of gel formation during storage. The protease of Pseudomonas fluorescens is very thermostable and needs to be inactivated by heating at 284 °F for 2 seconds to 300 seconds. These proteases show less than 10% damage during 4 seconds of ultra-high temperature sterilization of milk at 300 °F.

To minimize proteolytic activity in UHT processed milk:

Store at low temperatures, such as 35°F
Preheat the milk to 194 degrees Fahrenheit
Increase the sterilization temperature from 288 to 305 °F and increase the retention time from 6 seconds to 12 seconds to extend the shelf life.

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Milk Production Line For Ultra-high Temperature Sterilization

Today, more and more traditional grocery stores, including most organic milk, are over-pasteurized. The official definition of ultra-pasteurized dairy products stipulates that “such products should be heat treated at 280°F or above for at least 2 seconds before or after packaging in the Milk Production Line to produce a longer shelf life under refrigeration conditions. The product.” Confusingly, ultra-pasteurized milk is often referred to or marked as ultra-high temperature. It is high temperature processing that extends the shelf life of milk (ESL).

Why does the processor accept ultra-high temperature milk? Because today’s milk is no longer a local product; it is processed in large processing plants and shipped to all parts of the country. When packaged in a sterile container, the ultra-high temperature milk remains stable for up to six months at room temperature. It has a shelf life of up to 50 days in standard packaging (eg plastic bottles) – enough to be transported nationally or internationally and sold to customers away from the milk producing area.

In the commercial processing of ultra-high temperature milk, the raw milk is first preheated to 176-194 degrees Fahrenheit through a UHT Milk Machine, and then one of two heating methods is used: direct heating or indirect heating. In the direct method, milk is injected into superheated steam, or milk is sprayed into the steam. This immediately increased the temperature of the milk, but also slightly diluted the milk. When the milk is subsequently cooled in the vacuum chamber, excess water is removed. Indirect heating is achieved by contacting the milk with a superheated metal plate heated by steam – thus, the steam „indirectly” heats the milk. Some new systems combine these two processes.


Jimei Equipment To Improve The Efficiency Of Milk Production Line

At present, China’s Milk Processing Plant filling machinery industry has entered a period of rapid development, and future low-level products will gradually be eliminated by the market. In recent years, China’s machinery industry has greatly improved its product competitiveness, industrial agglomeration and professional restructuring, and its industry competitiveness and industrial output value have been greatly enlarged. What we have to do is to improve our product technology and meet the needs of the market, and we will certainly expand our overseas market share.

As we all know, the rapid development of the economy today is inseparable from the support of filling machinery, and it is inseparable from the active participation of automatic filling machines. Of course, under the urging of economic development, automatic filling machine manufacturers have sprung up in people’s field of vision. There are many types of automatic filling machines, including edible oil filling machine, chili sauce filling machine, liquid filling. Machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, etc. In many automatic filling machines, it is not a one-off thing to stand firm. It is the result of more than ten years of accumulated experience. Shanghai Jimei automatic filling machine relies on accumulating the market.

Shanghai Jimei’s automatic filling machine is constantly developing, and high efficiency is our eternal pursuit. High efficiency is the choice that meets the needs of the market and caters to the customer’s psychology. When customers purchase our fully automatic filling machine, the very important factor to consider is the high efficiency of the equipment itself and improve the production efficiency of the Milk Production Line. When we develop a fully automatic filling machine, it is important to see the market and look at the future development direction.


The Harm Of Improper Operation Of Uht Milk Machine

The UHT Milk Machine is made of high quality stainless steel and has a novel and beautiful appearance. The UHT milk machine adopts a cone piston, which has good sealing performance, accurate liquid volume and convenient liquid volume adjustment. What harm does our improper operation bring to the UHT milk machine?

UHT milk machine is chosen as the first choice for the production of equipment. The reason for this is that the equipment deployment can use the skills of the ancestors, and the unique packaging results can bring more favorable conditions for the growth of the enterprise. In terms of dealing with the UHT milk machine itself, its growth goal is also to better fund the development of the company.
UHT milk machine has become more prominent in the position of the production industry after the improvement of the initiative and intelligent skills. The result of the consumer’s use of the UHT milk machine also gave a high degree of certainty. This has an infinite power to cope with the further growth of the UHT milk machine, and it also mobilizes the growth feelings of the production company.
When we operate the UHT milk machine, we should follow the requirements. The correct operation of the UHT milk machine is the most important. Friends who need UHT milk machine can contact Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. We are the Milk Production Line equipment. Experts, choose us to give you complete peace of mind.